February 2022 Stock vector sales report

February has been I N S A N E !

Read along and see for yourself.
With a new month, comes a new stock vector sales report.

Stock Vector Sales - February 2022

Note before reading - Different sites pay royalties in different currencies. For ease of reading, all currencies have been estimated into DKK (Danish kroner).

For the sake of documenting stats, this month I'll be a little more precise with the numbers of online files. As of writing I have the following number of files each place:

  • Shutterstock 638
  • Dreamstime 596
  • AdobeStock 539
  • BigStock 530
  • VectorStock 487

As for Pond5 i couldn't really find an exact number, and honestly unless Pond5 start selling i don't plan to expand the portfolio on that site.

As for PantherMedia, they seem to be shutting down selling the part of their site that sells stock vectors, and i've only had 2 sales, so i'll likely be ignoring that moving forward.

Anyways - Let's get down into the record-breaking data!

Site Revenue Downloads RPD
Adobe Stock 119,97 kr. 18

6,63 kr.

Shutterstock 47,69 kr. 28

1,74 kr.

VectorStock 28,35 kr. 3 9,45 kr.
BigStock 8,34 kr. 5 1,67 kr.
Total: 203,65 kr. 54 3,83 kr.

A lot of high average RPDs (Revenue per download) this month.


February have been a record breaking month overall - it is by far the month that i've made the most from passive sales in the 29 months I've been selling stock vectors.

It was overall a big month in terms of downloads, with 53 total downloads. On top of that, the RPD was a lot higher than average this month too.

I couldn't tell why, but my educated guess would be that a lot of people don't invest too much into the bigger download packages due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. With lesser download packages comes smaller savings for the end clients, and thus more RPD for me.

Following up on personal goals for this month

In my last sales report (See Stock vector sales report - January 2022) i outlined a few personal goals for february.


  • Do 10-15 vectors a week
  • Submit the vectors as they're made, so I don't end up with a giant backlog of unsubmitted vectors

So - How did i do?

Frankly, not well. I was busy with client work that took priority. On top of that, i spend a lot of time adding danish and english keywords throughout the portfolio, along with links to where you license the vectors for use.

Most of the links is affiliate links, so i'll make a bonus on them, if bought through my site, and you don't have a user already. I'l excited to see if that'll up the passive revenue down the road.


Enough excuses! I did 31 vectors. With a few of the vectors that's too similar to be sold - But i created them anyway for the sake of completing the catalogue.

I kept submitting daily, which i plan on continuing.

Do you want to sell stock vectors too?

If you want to start selling stock vectors too, i've gathered referral links to the sites that i actively upload to and recommend using. Using the links will help me out a small bit each time you make a sale.

The links below should guide you to the contributor pages of the different platforms, with more details about each site.


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