January 2022 Stock Vector sales report

Inspired by a number of stock photographers sharing their data on YouTube, I've decided to do a monthly report of my journey with selling stock vectors moving forward. I'd recommend reading my Q & A with myself, about how and why i started selling stock images.

In the end of the post you'll find a referal link, if you want to start selling your own vectors, or are interested in buying my vectors.

For now, let's read some data!

Stock Vector Sales - January 2022

Let's start with the raw data, and then get down to the details!

Note before reading - Different sites pay royalties in different currencies. For ease of reading, all currencies have been estimated into DKK (Danish kroner).

As of the end of january i have between 500 and 570 files online on each site, with the exception of PantherMedia, and Pond5, for which i only have about 150 files on each.

Site Revenue Downloads RPD
Adobe Stock 55,67 kr. 10

5,57 kr.

Shutterstock 28,81 kr. 24

1,20 kr.

PantherMedia 1,69 kr. 1 1,69 kr.
BigStock 1,67 kr. 1 1,67 kr.
VectorStock 1,07 kr. 1 1,07 kr.
Personal sales 0 kr. 1 0 kr.
Total: 88,91 kr. 38 2,34 kr.

January has been a pretty average month, but a few noteable things happened.

PantherMedia was bit of a surprise

I joined PantherMedia as a contributor early last year and saw no sales for the longest time. I randomly checked it this january and saw that i got a sale in january, along with a sale in october which i had completely missed. Both provided a royalty of € 0,23, which translates into about 1,69 kr.

 The image sold was that of the flat style colosseum which have sold a few times since starting with selling stock vectors.

0 kr. Personal sales?

Included in my data for this month, is a free stock vector that i used in my freelance work as a graphic designer. Stock vectors is a quick way to lighten my time spent on certain jobs, so i try to include them where they make sense.

ShutterStock and AdobeStock

My topselling sites have always been ShutterStock and AdobeStock while i've been contributing to Stock Vector platforms. It's really no surprise they're at the top in january, and they'll likely be in every other month featured within the blogs.

Shutterstock saw 3 of the cross spider vector sell. A rather quick sale, considering it was uploaded in january. It could be a fluke, or it could prove a worthy time investment, only time will end up telling.

AdobeStock provided the majority of this months income by selling 3 twitch emotes at the very end of january for € 0.99 per piece, translating into 7,26 kr. - which is well beyong $ 0.10 or 0.67 kr. which the majority of ShutterStock sales provide currently.

Personal goals for February 2022

Last year, i played around with how many vectors i could do in a week. It worked well for me for a bit around 10-15 a week, but i ended up forgetting to submit the vectors, generating a giant backlog of vectors i needed to upload.

I don't really know how many vectors i did in january, but it was substantially lower than 15 a week. For february, I want to try and keep it to at least 10 vectors a week, and have them submitted the same day as they're produced.

It will likely all be flat style animals, as those are the ones that i find most fun to produce, and which i generally know will provide a sale.

Do you want to sell stock vectors too?

If you want to start selling stock vectors too, i've gathered referral links to the sites that i actively upload to and recommend using. Using the links will help me out a small bit each time you make a sale.

The links below should guide you to the contributor pages of the different platforms, with more details about each site.


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