March 2022 Stock vector sales report

Another record !

New month, new stock vector sales report.

Stock Vector Sales - March 2022

Note before reading - Different sites pay royalties in different currencies. For ease of reading, all currencies have been estimated into DKK (Danish kroner).

Let's continue with some stats. Here's the number of online (approved) files:

  • Shutterstock 696 ( up from 638 )
  • Dreamstime 666 ( up from 596 )
  • AdobeStock 626 ( up from 539 )
  • BigStock 622 ( up from 530 )
  • VectorStock 581 ( up from 487 )


I don't really count files on Pond5 and Panther Media.


Site Revenue Downloads RPD
Adobe Stock 84,87 kr. 16

5,3 kr.

Shutterstock 57,96 kr. 41

1,41 kr.

PantherMedia 14,52 kr. 1 14,52 kr.
VectorStock 5 kr. 3 1,67 kr.
BigStock 1,67 kr. 1 1,67 kr.
Total: 164,02 kr. 62 2,65 kr.

Thoughts about the month

I've pretty happy about the result overall - a nice result to motivate uploading daily this past month. It's bit of a blur, so none of the sales stand out, but i know there was a few 'new' pieces going through the sale.

Map of Hawaiian islands - Click for licensing links.

This last month i did a total of 92 new vectors, all one of them being animals, except for a map of the Hawaiian islands i felt motivated to draw.

I still have a guide in the making, to get started on drawing vectors - but writing isn't my strong suit, and i probably wont be updating on it before it's actually here.

Do you want to sell stock vectors too?

If you want to start selling stock vectors too, i've gathered referral links to the sites that i actively upload to and recommend using. Using the links will help me out a small bit each time you make a sale.

The links below should guide you to the contributor pages of the different platforms, with more details about each site.


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