May 2022 Stock vector sales report


May have blown 2022 out of proportions. A bit delayed, which i wont excuse, but let's dig down into the stats!

Stock Vector Sales - May 2022

Note before reading - Different sites pay royalties in different currencies. For ease of reading, all currencies have been estimated into DKK (Danish kroner).

As per usual. Here's the number of online (approved) files. These are as of writing a couple of weeks into June:

  • Shutterstock 759 ( up from 733 )
  • Dreamstime 710 ( up from 684 )
  • AdobeStock 675 ( up from 649 )
  • BigStock 667 ( up from 641 )
  • VectorStock 625 ( up from 609 )


Files on Pond5 and Panther Media is not tracked.


Here's where it gets fun! I'll explain a bit after the stats.

Site Revenue Downloads RPD
Adobe Stock 389,43 kr. 32

12,17 kr.

Shutterstock 101,03 kr. 57

1,77 kr.

VectorStock 56,71 kr. 5 11,34 kr.
Dreamstime 20,33 kr. 4 5,08 kr.
PantherMedia 1,69 kr. 1 1,69 kr.
BigStock 1,67 kr. 1 1,67 kr.
Total: 570,73 kr. 100 5,7 kr.

A time for an explanation

The big seller - Male ivory-billed woodpecker, an extinct bird from the US.

May has so far blown every other month out of proportions. And there's a bit of a reason why.

  • AdobeStock sold a Male ivory-billed woodpecker with about 193 kr. commission to me, which by itself so far has been in the higher end of revenue for a single month
  • VectorStock sold the beautiful Zebra isopod with about 50 kr. commission to me, which is again quite a bit higher than the average of a few kroner
  • A TOTAL OF 100 downloads this month helped a bit too

June have had a fun so far been pretty fun, although the revenue has been a lot more average. I'll spare you the details for next update.

Personal goals moving forward

When I started this blog in the start of the year, I ended the blogposts with personal goals for the next month.
Between april and march, I somehow forgot about those. Assumably because it was busy months with my freelancing work. Moving forward I wont be continuing them in these reports, as status quo have changed.

The truth is when I started this blog, I was slowly realizing I'm growing tired of running a freelance business. Without a plan B, having a passive income is never a bad thing - So i figured I'd transist into go all in on making stock vectors.

While I haven't entirely dropped those plans, I've also realized trading stock shares on the stock market is a lot more efficient use of my time, and my efforts have been put into there instead.

I'll likely still continue making stock vectors, but a lot less focused in the future.

Do you want to sell stock vectors too?

If you want to start selling stock vectors too, i've gathered referral links to the sites that i actively upload to and recommend using. Using the links will help me out a small bit each time you make a sale.

The links below should guide you to the contributor pages of the different platforms, with more details about each site.


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