QuickTip: How to create a .zip file on Windows and MacOS

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What is a .zip file?

A .zip file is a type of file that lets you store multiple files together in one compressed package. This reduces the total size of the files and makes them easier to organize and share. If you want to sell stock vectors online, some sites require you to upload your files as a .zip file.

How to create a .zip file?

Windows and Mac computers have inbuild functionality for creating .zip files in seconds. Just follow these steps below:

On Windows

  1. Hold down control (Ctrl) and select all files you want to combine into a .zip file
  2. Hover one of the files and right-click
  3. From the context menu:
    • Winwdows 10: select 'Send to' and click 'Compressed (Zipped) folder'
    • Winwdows 11: select 'Compress to ZIP file'

On Mac

  1. Hold down command (Cmd ⌘) and click the files you want to combine into a ZIP
  2. Hover a selected file and hold down control (Ctrl) while you Click the mouse
  3. Select 'Compress'

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