Canis Familiaris - Basset Hound - Tan and white - Side view - Flat vector

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Canis familiaris, Basset Hound, Hounds, Domestic dog, Dogs, Canids, Canidae, Carnivorans, Carnivora, Mammals, Mammalia, Chordates, Chordata, Animals, Animalia, Family dog, Tracking dog, Breeds, Domesticated Species, Pet, Tan and white, Icon, Side view, Flat, Illustration, Isolated, Vector

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Bassethund, Tamhund, Hunde, Rovdyr, Pattedyr, Dyr, Familiehund, Sporhund, Racer, Domesticerede arter, Kæledyr, Ikon, Set fra siden, Isoleret, Vektor

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