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Extant species of Mobula rays, in a flat Nordic style vector illustration. Top to bottom. left to right: Oceanic manta ray, Reef manta ray, Spinetail Devil ray, East Atlantic Pygmy Devil Ray, Shortfin Devil ray, Long-horned Devil ray, Pygmy Devil Ray, West Atlantic Pygmy Devil Ray, Sicklefin Devil Ray, Bentfin Devil Ray. Isolated on white background. Published December 2023.


Species: M. alfredi (Reef manta ray), M. birostris (Giant oceanic manta ray), M. eregoodootenkee (Longhorned pygmy devil ray), M. hypostoma (West Atlantic pygmy devil ray, Lesser devil ray), M. kuhlii (Shortfin devil ray), M. mobular (Spinetail devil ray, Giant devil ray, Devil fish), M. munkiana (Pygmy devil ray, Manta de monk, Smoothtail mobula, Munk’s pygmy devil ray), M. rochebrunei (East Atlantic pygmy devil ray, Lesser Guinean devil ray), M. tarapacana (Sicklefin devil ray, Chilean devil ray, box ray, greater Guinean mobula, Spiny mobula), M. thurstoni (Bentfin devil ray)
Genus: Mobula
Family: Mobulidae (manta rays, devilfishes)
Superfamily: Dasyatoidea
Suborder: Myliobatoidei (Stingrays)
Order: Myliobatiformes
Superorder: Batoidea (Rays)
Subclass: Elasmobranchii (Elasmobranchs)
Class: Chondrichthyes (Chondrichthyians, Cartilaginous fishes)
Phylum: Chordata (Chordates)
Kingdom: Animalia (Animals)
Domain: Eukarya (Eukaryotes)

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Fish, Adult


Animal illustrations, Animals, Wildlife, Nature


Vector graphics, Clipart, Digital Art, Illustration

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