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Extant species of Phocoenidae Porpoises, in a flat Nordic style vector illustration. On the left: Dalli's porpoise male and female, Spectacled porpoise male and female, Harbour porpoise, Burmeister's porpoise and Vaquita. On the right: Indo-pacific Finless porpoise, East Asian Finless Porpoise and Yangtze finless porpoise. Available as matte and glossy edge-cut sticker. Designed by Martin Fredskov (Vektorkongen) in 2023.


Species: P. dalli (Dall's porpoise, True's porpoise), P. dioptrica (Spectacled porpoise), P. phocoena (Harbour porpoise), P. sinus (Vaquita), P. spinipinnis (Burmeister's porpoise), N. asiaeorientalis (Yangtze finless porpoise), N. phocaenoides (Indo-Pacific finless porpoise), N. sunameri (East Asian finless porpoise, Narrow-ridge finless porpoise)
Genus: Neophocaena (Finless porpoises), Phocoena, Phocoenoides
Family: Phocoenidae (Porpoises)
Superfamily: Delphinoidea
Parvorder: Odonceti (Odontocetes, Toothed whales)
Infraorder: Cetacea (Cetaceans)
Order: Artiodactyla (Artiodactyls, Even-toed ungulates)
Class: Mammalia (Mammals)
Phylum: Chordata (Chordates)
Kingdom: Animalia (Animals)
Domain: Eukarya (Eukaryotes)

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Aquatic mammals, Adult, Male, Female


Animal illustrations, Animals, Wildlife, Nature


Vector graphics, Clipart, Digital Art, Illustration

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